“We have known Jessica for over 5 years. We have participated in her group training sessions, as well as having her train us on an individual basis. Jessica is an extremely competent, well-rounded professional trainer. She has expertise in all facets of fitness training and mind/body health. Jessica knows how to motivate and encourage clients of all ages and at all phases of their fitness journey from those just starting out to the advanced level. Jessica is kind, has a great sense of humour and is cognizant of the individual needs of her clients. Training with her is fun and Jessica’s advice can be trusted!”

- Susan and Phil

“Ever since I started working with Jess, I always saw results that i enjoyed seeing. We we’re able to set new goals together. Her nutrition and training programs allowed me to reach those goals everytime. Her programs are very easy to move through and allow for flexibility. I really enjoy working with Jess and can’t wait to work with her for my postpartum journey. ”

- Stephanie Brisebois

“After a year of going to the gym without a personal trainer, I signed up with Jessica for personal training. She's an excellent trainer and has provided me with individualized assistance to help me in achieving my fitness goals. The workouts are great, pushing me to the limit. Combining that with a balanced eating program, where I can still enjoy good food, I've been able to lose 20 lbs and a few belt sizes in just 5 weeks - not to mention that my energy levels and overall fitness capabilities have significantly improved.”

- Randy

“When I was recovering from two herniated discs in September of 2012, I contacted Jessica for six months of personal training. I’d met Jessica through group training sessions several years earlier – and I knew that she really focussed on core strength. I hoped this would help me alleviate my existing back problems and potentially prevent future episodes. Plus because of being laid up with my back I had gained 15 pounds…

I found Jessica’s workouts challenging, but she never pushed me to a point that my back got worse. Jessica suggested some changes to my diet – such as actually increasing my caloric intake! Over the 6 months my back issues disappeared, I lost 25 pounds (exceeding my hopes), got a lot stronger, my cardio was improved, and I gained confidence and motivation to keep going with a healthy lifestyle.
Now two years later, I’ve kept those 25 lbs off, still workout – often attending one of Jessica’s awesome boot camps – and have not had a problem with my back since. I can’t thank Jessica enough for what she has done for me, and how she continues to inspire…"

- Brenda Sharp

“The very main reason I chose to entrust my health and nutrition to the hands of Jessica was from first impressions of how she presented her physique onstage. Based on that, I had the comfort of knowing she knew her stuff. We began to work together to help me prepare for the OPA classics at the last week of April 2015 (I weighed around 182 lbs, 14-16% body fat). With her consistent support and coaching, come July 3, 2015, I dropped 25 lbs, and nearly 10% body fat to step onstage at 157 lbs, 7% body fat placing second in “Bodybuilding Junior Men’s Division”! Jessica taught me a lot from my last show prep to this one, made my diet plans very feasible and adaptable to my lifestyle without sacrificing flavor, or dreading the diet lifestyle. In fact, I very much enjoyed the diet plan and still follow a very similar routine off-season. In conclusion, any doubts should be removed from thought when it comes to working with competitive bikini athlete Jessica Kantsrup, because she knows what works for you, and how to alter it to your lifestyle. She is by far the best supporter and coach I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and I would love to have the privilege of working with her again to prepare for another show. Trust the progress, you will see results!”

- Didier Reyes Ho.

Jessica, I just want to start by saying how happy I am working with you on my wellness. I feel like I’m walking on air! Thanks so much.

- Paul Seguin

I decided to reach out to Jessica when I was looking for my first personal trainer postpartum. I can say it was the best decision I made for my physical health. Jessica was super knowledgeable, kind and most importantly encouraging and listened to my needs to work towards my goals. Thank you Jessica!

- Sarah Omar

I have been working with Jess for the past couple of years. She was instrumental in providing support and assistance with my fitness program throughout my pregnancy and for the first 6 weeks postpartum. As a mother herself, Jess understands the changes that the body and mind goes through during this process and she is committed to make things work for her clients. Her programs work! I highly recommend Jess for anyone looking for fitness and lifestyle coaching during their pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Thanks again Jess, looking forward to starting with you again :). I’ve had the most success with you over the years, I’m your client for life!!

- Emily, first time Mom, Ottawa